Calling all HR practitioners: Your opinion counts!

Are you an HR practitioner? Would you like to be part of a survey that helps shed light on the current trends surrounding how organizations handle learning, development and technology training? If so, you should participate in The Key IT Learning and Development Trends in 2015 Survey from HR Matters Magazine.

The survey will focus on determining the following:

  • The percentage of training budgets that go toward IT training
  • The key areas on which organizations are concentrating their IT training needs in the next six to twelve months
  • How these organizational needs differ across countries and industry sectors
  • How much organizations typically spend on IT training per person

You may be wondering:

How do I participate? To be eligible to participate, you must be a Human Resource practitioner or part of an HR subsector. This includes managers, senior executives, heads of HR, directors and individuals working in recruitment and training, learning and development, organizational development, change management, compensation, benefits and more. However please take note that HR trainers, consultants, software vendors and recruitment agencies are not eligible.

Not only will you be contributing to valuable insight to be gained from this survey, but as a thanks for your participation, you’ll receive two complimentary 2014 digital issues of HR Matter Magazine, a one year digital subscription to HR Matters Magazine in 2015 and exclusive access to the survey once it is complete.

Interested in participating? Please visit the official page for The Key IT Learning and Development Trends in 2015 to take the survey now and receive your free magazine issues. Thank you for your participation!

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