Businesses looking for seasonal workers can utilize HR software solutions

September may be too soon to think about the holiday season, but retailers and seasonal companies are working day in and out to prepare for the rush that spans between Black Friday and Christmas.

Businesses that directly benefit from the influx of customers during this time period can benefit from the use of HR software solutions because personnel can efficiently organize personal information among these temporary hires.

To ensure that businesses are fully prepared for the crowds and higher single-day sales, hiring managers should be taking applications and conducting interviews from now until early October, USA Today reported. Organizations of all sizes typically account for more than 700,000 hired workers during this busy time period. Last year retailers hired more than 751,000 employees, although a drop in seasonal hiring is expected due to the fact that local markets in many states are still shaky.

“While the economy and job market are improving, it has now been four years since the recession officially ended and millions of Americans are still unemployed or underemployed,” John Challenger, CEO of Gray & Christmas, a global employment consulting firm, told the source.

Despite the fact that these staffers will only be a part of the business for two or three short months, it is important to remember that they will be spending a lot of their time with permanent staff. Through the use of an HR software solution, managers can better screen forms and resumes that may be filled with terms that meets the business’ needs.

Temporary employee or not, they still need to be equipped to represent the company as well as the the rest of the team. In fact, the employee may end up being such a great fit, they can join the crew permanently after January.

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