Bridging departments with strong HRIS [Video]

With a good HRIS implementation and use strategy, your company can not only help HR professionals do their jobs better, but also seize the opportunity for better collaboration between departments. Because of this, the impact that well-designed HR tech has on a business doesn’t have to stay within the HR realm itself, extending to include other areas and help different C-level workers do their jobs better.

For example, Advertising Age recently looked at the connections between the Chief Human Resource Office, or CHRO, and the Chief Marketing Office, or CMO. According to this source, aligning employee engagement initiatives with advertising stands as a potentially powerful way to cement a company’s brand identity.

Another way the CHRO can reach across boundaries is by reaching out to the customer service sector of the company. Drawing from this kind of data can give companies a basis to start new campaigns and improve their own service capabilities.

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