Breaking down the top HR software trends for 2015

2015 is shaping up to be a transition year in the human resources field, especially in the fast moving vertical of HR software. Here are a few trends that have been identified as game-changing shifts in the coming year:

More Consolidation

With mergers and acquisitions happening all over the landscape, finding an HR software system that is in it for the long haul can be challenging. These mergers can take significant time and the platforms can be seriously buggy after the two companies combine their technologies – but there is hope on the horizon. Last year, the average HRMS system was over five years old, with the sweet spot of “obsolescence” being seven years, so there is still time remaining.

Cloud 9

Though companies have been reluctant to change – cloud-based services are now becoming the norm for all big HR SaaS. Cloud-based services are the wave of the future (frankly they are the wave of now) and a much easier, more secure way to handle files of all kinds.


Get ready to use the term “talent analytics” a lot this year as the human resource department gets much smarter about who they hire and why.

According to Forbes, “the vast majority of hiring, management, promotion and rewards decisions are made on gut feel, personal experience and corporate belief systems.” Not anymore. This data showcases to recruiters and HR professionals exactly what type of talent is delivering the most value.

Stay alert. Stay focused. Stay up with the trends and stay ahead of the game in 2015. That way you can have a banner year and be leading the pack of innovators.

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