Both employers and job candidates can face buyers’ remorse

While buyers’ remorse is commonly associated with shoppers who are impulsive with their credit cards, a similar outcome can happen in the business world. Without accurate job descriptions, both the companies that are hiring and job applicants can find themselves in an unproductive position.

A study conducted by consulting firm Development Dimensions International (DDI) found that half of new employees reported they are experiencing buyer’s remorse after accepting a recent job offer. Out of 2,000 new hires across 33 different countries, just 51 percent said that they were confident in their decision to accept a new job.

“There is a great paradox in that both unemployment and the number of open positions hover at uncomfortably high levels – and simultaneously, organizations and candidates are shaky about the decisions they made in staffing and accepting roles this year,” Scott Erker, Ph.D. and senior vice president for DDI’s Selection Solutions, told the Society for Human Resource Management.

Erker, who co-authored the study, added that it is crucial for companies to provide candidates with detailed descriptions of what it will be like at the company after five, 50 and even 150 days. It will not be beneficial to create an overly enthusiastic idea of what the job entails, otherwise HR managers will be filling that position again after six to 12 months.

Employers also admitted to having second thoughts after bringing on new workers. DDI surveyed 250 staffing directors and found that nearly one-third of respondents blamed over reliance on hiring-manager evaluations, while 21 percent pointed to candidates overselling their skills.

Neither a company nor its workers will benefit from a bad hire. However, with HR software solutions, hiring managers can be sure that they can create a detailed job description, which will bring in the right applicants. When HRIS software is used, it will be much easier to see what daily operations need in order to find greater success.

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