Booz Allen Hamilton is looking to hire employees to combat ‘insider threats’

Last year presented many challenges in the tech industry. We saw first-hand how vulnerable the American government and major businesses can be to technological attacks if the proper safeguards aren’t in place.

Even though the National Security Agency’s situation can’t necessarily be compared to the typical data breach, the lesson is the same: always stay on your toes. Reports indicate that tighter security measures have been put in place, with government contractor Booz Allen Hamilton looking to tie up these loopholes by hiring “Insider Threat” analysts, Wired reported.

“The contracting firm that brought you Edward Snowden is now hiring contractors in D.C. to help the government catch Edward Snowdens,” Wired contributor Philip Bump wrote.

The name of the position “Insider Threat Analyst” derives from the Insider Threat program President Barack Obama launched last year in response to the NSA’s leaked documents. Because a decent proportion of the government’s defense team consists of contractors, Obama and Booz Allen Hamilton felt it was important to recruit staff members who would be dedicated to these services.

Job seekers who wish to become an analyst are expected to have five years experience in network engineering and counterintelligence, the news source added. But having these merits alone won’t be enough for Booz Allen Hamilton’s HR software system. Because of the high level of security clearance involved with the position, it is likely that the hiring process will consist of multiple parts.

If there are enough applicants who can pass the HR software solutions filters and security background check, it is likely that there will be analysts dedicated to every government agency, whether it be Social Security or the Peace Corps.

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