BLS: Employees are working fewer hours than previous generations

Having access to payroll and HR software information is something that many employees will appreciate. Whether workers want to request time off, or simply need to check in on the amount of hours that they are averaging each week, a strong software system will keep all data organized.

Furthermore, if there are any questions about what is required of a specific position, the answers can be found through a company’s HR software solutions. According to recent research, the average amount of hours that employees work per week is changing, so assuming that a 40-hour work week is standard might no longer be safe.

Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) showed that the average work week has gone from over 38 hours in 1964 to under 34 hours in 2013. A CNN Money article explained that one reason for the decline is the increase in businesses that offer part-time positions.

“The promise of technology is that we’d all get to work less,” Linda Barrington, head of the Institute for Compensation Studies at Cornell University’s school of Industrial and Labor Relations told the news source. “But it’s playing out differently for different people at different income levels.”

Different companies are likely to have varied requirements for full- and part-time employees to meet their weekly quota for hours worked. Even so, it is important for all team members to understand what those requirements are, and to have access to that information.

When businesses invest in comprehensive HR software solutions, they can rest assured that working requirements and pertinent updates are accessible to all employees.

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