Beginning HRIS implementation: Selecting a vendor

Even if you’ve never embarked on implementing an Human Resource Information System (HRIS) before, the specifics of doing so are easy to learn. As long as administrators and managers understand proper procedure and search through multiple vendors, they can make it through the early parts of this process successfully and get ready to receive the benefits of implementation later on.

Before contacting vendors, HR professionals have to first perform a thorough company assessment and research both internal and external factors. For example: what kind of budgetary constraints are there? What are the important problems and pain points you hope to address after implementation is finished? How large is your employee population? And what are the most popular software solutions for organizations in your market size bracket?

Whether you work with a consultant to determine these factors or not, thinking through them is vital to prepare for later implementation. At the same time, flexibility is also crucial for administrators, as certain processes that were important for earlier iterations may not be needed as part of the newer HRIS.

Once the current state of HRIS and relevant factors is understood, the next step is searching for and contacting vendors. During this time, HR leaders need to be specific and ask vendor providers lots of questions, so they gain a complete knowledge of all the modules that will be necessary as part of the implementation.

Assessing a vendor’s worth should go beyond simply asking about their services: your business should also look over the previous cases this vendor has worked on. It’s best to choose two or three different vendors as part of the search.

After going through this process and selecting a vendor, companies then need to start HR software implementation itself. Be sure to visit this blog again as we continue our series on working with a new HRIS.

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