Avoid a ‘beauty pageant’ feel when you hire candidates

Without the right HR software solutions, human resource managers can have an especially difficult time searching for and then bringing on new employees. It is necessary to know which departments need more workers and what skills applicants must have. A more thorough understanding in these areas can help keep the interview process as smooth as possible.

Additionally, HR teams must be able to see how a candidate’s background will apply to daily operations. Interviews must be more than a “beauty pageant,” according to Inc. Magazine. Applicants cannot only look the part, but they will need to fit into an already established office.

The news source recently spoke with some experts in the human resource field, to see what tactics they employed to ensure that they don’t create a pageant-like environment when searching for talent. Headhunter Nick Corcodilos agreed that it can help to treat the interview like a date. While background is important, too much information can be overwhelming.

“Imagine, he says, if you went out on a date and your date said, ‘So, the last three women I dated really liked me, and I bought them flowers now and then, and took them out for dinner, and listened to them tell me their problems. I’m a great guy. You can ask them. So, will you marry me?'”

According to Corcodilos, you would likely never want to go on another date with that person again.

HR software solutions are an important aspect to creating a well-rounded hiring process. When human resource teams can keep themselves organized, it will be much easier to focus on the areas that need extra assistance.

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