Aviation companies need HR software solutions

The American market continues to grow, but studies show that this growth is not high enough for economists to believe that the nation has bounced back from the recent recession. One of the reasons for the slower boost is due to the fact that businesses cannot find qualified employees to fill their open positions. Hiring managers could improve their search with the support of HR software solutions.

Regardless of industry, this program can help human resources sift through applications faster than the naked eye. In North Carolina specifically, many aviation businesses are struggling to recruit the next generation of workers. This poses a threat to the local economy, as 40 aircraft companies call the Piedmont Triad region of the state their home.

“It takes a lot of people [to repair airplanes], and that’s something quite honestly we’re struggling with,” TIMCO vice president Kip Blakely told NPR. “We’re struggling with finding folks with the right skills, the right certification to come to work here at TIMCO.”

TIMCO in particular is actively trying to reach out to the local community with commercials asking residents to consider a career in aviation because “demand for skilled workers is increasing and local companies are hiring for all types of positions.”

Because North Carolina is home to so many aircraft manufacturers and mechanics, they also have the Andrews Aviation Academy in High Point, a high school that is dedicated to this work sector. Upon graduation, some students can earn up to an associate’s degree and multiple aviation certifications—depending on the program.

However, Andrew Aviation is one of 50 similar high schools in the United States, there are many other vocational and college graduates to choose from as well. HR software solutions can help these strapped companies find highly-skilled job seekers from every part of the U.S.

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