Are your employees productive enough?

As HR is tasked with hiring and recruiting, it is important to also keep track of employee performance to ensure workers are staying up to task. Some employees might have consistent, high levels of productivity, while others may struggle with getting tasks done. What are the differences that make some employees more productive than others, and what can HR do to encourage this skill in every worker?

An Inc. article notes that unproductive workers may have a variety of different excuses for why they are unable to get things done. It suggests that being aware of these excuses may allow managers and supervisors to pinpoint the signs of an unproductive person.

Does the employee complain that he/she does not have all of the information required to complete tasks? When this happens, the worker may end up wasting time waiting around for information, while they could have at least gotten started on the project with the information that was available to them. Similarly, if the worker is always waiting for a manger or someone else to tell them what to do, it could be a sign that they are not taking initiative.

Is the employee overly concerned about the quality of their work? High quality work is always desirable, but under time constraints, there is not always enough time to make things as perfect as some employees want. If you have a perfectionist employee, this tendency, while backed by good intentions, may be hindering productivity.

By identifying some of the indications of low productivity, HR and management can take steps to help workers become increasingly efficient. HR software solutions can help develop an efficient HR software system to help your company become more productive.

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