Adjusting for the challenges and benefits of BYOD

As smartphones and other mobile devices have become more popular with consumer, more employees have begun to bring them into the office and incorporate them into the everyday workflow. This trend, widely known as the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) concept, has shown a higher percentage of business-related tasks being performed on privately-owned devices.

BYOD was the topic of discussion in a Training Mag article written by Matt Pierce, a customer engagement manager at TechSmith Corporation. In the story, Pierce examined the way that BYOD has changed the conventional business environment and how managers in a particular office or facility should react in order to take full advantage.

“The advent of the BYOD trend provides similar benefits to the m-learning concept, allowing training content to be carried and accessed anywhere, anytime on a mobile device,” Pierce wrote in the article. “The users’ inherent like of their own devices means they are more likely to engage with training content.”

By allowing employees to take advantage of products and software that they are already comfortable with, it reduces training time and increases productivity. However, the growth of this trend has forced companies to adapt to including new devices into their systems. As opposed to just a couple years ago, when IT departments only had to concern themselves with a small pool of services that could function within an office, businesses are now forced to take a vast array of devices and software into account.

The best way for a company to overcome the challenges that inevitably appear with BYOD practices is to work with an HR consulting firm that can help managers pinpoint what actions need to be taken. Whether it’s dealing with remote access and cloud technologies, HR software consulting can help ease the transition.

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