5 Things HR Wishes You Knew About Salary Negotiation

Negotiating pay can be difficult when you take a new job at an organization, and it continues to be a challenge throughout the employee lifecycle. But with the right preparation, it can be a whole lot easier. One of the best ways to improve negotiation skills for individuals is to remove some of the mystery around the topic of pay. With that in mind, here are 5 things that HR wishes you knew (and did) when it comes to salary negotiation:

Be Reasonable in Your Request

Do your homework. Price out your skills online, considering how different factors like job location, organizational priorities, and job requirements may impact the value of your skillset. If you’re applying for a job in Iowa City, it just won’t pay the same as in San Francisco, no matter how good you are. If you’re seeking a promotion, make sure your skills are current and necessary. Also, think about the broader context around your request. What are the company’s goals? Is it in growth mode, or is it trying to do more with less? Ideally, you’ll take that into account when negotiating or negotiating for more. Be aware of the possible objections so you have a ready answer prepared.

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