3 ways electronic HR could fix performance reviews

While performance reviews are an accepted part of standard HR in many companies, they can risk making employees feel like they are being interrogated, and inadvertently cause harm. Since the focus is usually on the employee being reviewed, unaware businesses could avoid examining the effectiveness of the review process itself and whether or not it needs to be changed. If employees aren’t responding well to the tactics being used, it could be time for new HR software implementation to help a business improve.

More sophisticated HR tools may be able to solve some of the problems associated with standard assessments. Here are some ways that electronic HR systems could make reviewing performance less discouraging:

  • Easy reference and planning: With tracking and measurement systems available through easy-to use web systems, employers and their workers could be better able to create an action plan for improvement when it’s needed.
  • More consistency and saved time: An article for the New York Post recently used the example of a car parts company in Brooklyn to examine why some businesses turn away from standard review days. As this source points out, using HR tools helps businesses consistently address issues and access information throughout the year, rather than wait for specific pre-arranged meetings. Employees could feel more comfortable when the feedback comes in regular doses.
  • Reviews for the review: How effective is the current review system, and what would the employee respond to better? An updated HR platform might make it easier to change the process as it is used based on what review tactics work the most and how employees feel about it.

Embracing these changes could make it easier for a business to help its employees grow and avoid alienating them through negative business processes. Consultants HR system expertise will also make it easier for companies to select and import their new preferred options successfully.

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