3 Reasons Why Your Best Friends Should be in the HR Department

It’s not about what you know; it’s who you know. That’s a popular saying for a reason – because it’s true. In your company, treating the HR department with respect and growing close to those working in HR functions can be extremely helpful. Here’s why:

1. Help You Grow Your Career

First off, HR has a direct hand in your salary negotiations, either at the start of a job or during annual reviews. They also know about all of the internal job openings, so they can give you a heads up when a position fits your skills. If they are aware you are consistently exceeding expectations, they can suggest to your manager that you be bumped to the next level in the organization.

2. Be Your Advocate

During times of crisis or claims of certain types of workplace harassment, having someone inside HR that is your confidant will ensure that the matter is investigated thoroughly and a fair response is handed down in a timely fashion.

3. Explain Benefits and Policies

Many benefits go unclaimed by employees due to confusion about how to utilize them or simply not knowing about them. By being close with HR representatives at your company, you can ask about these unknown policies or even get a gentle “heads up” that a certain benefit should be claimed before the end of the year. That’s free money in your pocket.

On the policy side – HR members can help you understand critical company procedures like how your salary is calculated or your manager’s rating during your review.

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