3 Reasons to Say ‘See Ya’ to the Time-Honored Timesheet

Time sheets are a thing of the past. Timesheets represent an age where loud whistles signaled the end of a shift and a break constituted 5 minutes of cigarette time. They are a thorn for both employees and manager – filling them out, reconciling them, and following the protocol. Plus, a human’s memory is fallible and if you don’t stay on top of them – you’ll be in a mess. Here are three reasons why timesheets need to go away:

1. They can be inaccurate

Face it, when you’re filling out a time sheet – the exact amount of time you spend on projects, or at work, can be dicey to remember – especially if you’re filling it out a few days after the actual event. Pressure to have time sheets in by a certain date can add to broad estimates and stress.

Instead, use an HRIS application to more accurately track time worked. A system with an accompanying mobile app can make things even easier.

2. They are a waste of time

Filling in timesheets takes away from hours that can be better spent knocking out daily tasks. It’s ironic isn’t it? Time sheets are actually a major waste of time. An example of inefficiency at its best as employees sit and struggle to remember what they spent their time on.

3. They measure time, not quality

All time sheets do is measure units of time – not quality. So an employee could spend 8 unproductive, unimpressive hours on a project instead of two super motivated hours on the same task. Time sheets incentivize employees to take a much longer time on a given task to keep expectations low but also keep payouts high.

For those reasons and more, maybe your company should move away from timesheets and into a better, more efficient alternative.

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