3 alternative approaches to recruitment worth considering

Recruiting competent employees isn’t all there is to building a strong workforce: Businesses also have to invest in managing and retaining these people for the long term. However, recruitment is still a key HR task, and different departments and companies have taken steps in recent years to try new strategies to find lasting candidates. Transforming the standard approach to recruiting could require a dedicated HR system implementation strategy that coordinates with the current system.

The following three examples show some of the unique and novel ways that businesses have tried to recruit others in recent years. Whether or not this is right for a company depends on their current HR system and goals for change:

  • Constant searches: Eric Siu told Entrepreneur that one of the key elements of recruitment is continuously hiring, not just during specific phases. “If you aren’t continually filling your pipeline with strong candidates, you’re going to wind up scrambling at some point or another to fill a much-needed spot — and you’re going to risk filling it with the wrong person just to get a body in the seat,” he writes. To handle this sort of ongoing approach to recruiting, companies may want to overhaul their current HR systems and work with consultants to find one that makes for a good long-lasting option.
  • Localized recruitment: While recruitment on a grand scale is important to attract a wide variety of hires, turning the search to local areas and using specific tools to address this could open up formerly untapped populations.
  • Personality tests: The Washington Post recently looked at the way personality tests can be used in recruitment to determine compatibility. By combining logic and personality-based questions, companies can see if a potential employee would have the same qualities as those within the company that are performing to their best standards.

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