2 considerations for a productive workplace

Employee productivity is a major concern for most HR professionals. It is up to HR to not only locate the top talent for the job, but to ensure that workers are productive in the roles they have been hired for.

It is important for HR to be aware of the factors that contribute to productivity, as well as those that can detract from it. One important consideration to be aware of is the effect that the work environment can have on employee ability to be productive. As HR Village points out, motivation is a critical factor in creating a workplace that will be conducive to getting the job done.

What can HR do to motivate employees? The article offers several suggestions for improving motivation in the workplace. It is important to acknowledge employees for the work they are doing. When it comes to working on a longer-term project, managers should be aware of everyone’s role in the project and keep an eye on progress.

Forbes contributor Victor Lipman offers several recommendations for what managers can do to increase employee productivity. In addition to things like making sure there is enough of an economic incentive to keep motivation up, Lipman says that regular feedback is also beneficial.

“Feedback is a foundational management skill; the ability to provide regular, helpful feedback to employees in a manner that encourages, not discourages, is a cornerstone of effective management.  That’s not to say feedback is always positive – that wouldn’t be management at all – but that the communication is done thoughtfully…whether the occasion is encouragement for a job well done, or that course correction is needed.”

These are just a couple of suggestions to create a productive work environment. HR software can serve as an important tool to help measure the results of productivity initiatives.

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