Ceridian DayForce HCM


At HR Software Solutions we’ve worked on a number of projects implementing and training on Ceridian DayForce Human Capital Management (HCM). Here’s a bit about the solution, using their main website as a resource.

Dayforce HCM is a cloud-based application for Payroll & Tax, Benefits, Workforce Management, Human Resources, Talent Management, Document Management, and Analytics. As a single application for HCM, Dayforce provides organizations with unprecedented access to real-time data and results across all domains of HCM. With one employee record, one user experience and no interfaces, organizations can find and hire the right people, process pay, manage benefits enrollment, maintain HR records, and schedule staff with work-life balance while managing compliance.

Each application of DayForce HCM provides useful tools for both employees, human resources, and management. Here is a bit about what each component can do for you:


Employees can view & manage their pay anywhere, and at any time. Since they will be able to access DayForce both on desktop and their mobile device, it really is a breeze to use. The self service features will keep employees from needing too much assistance on the HR side to resolve discrepancies and even taxes are made easy. On the admin side, users can preview net pay as well as make adjustments and view results in real time to ensure accuracy. Audit reports help management resolve issues quickly, and printed copies become a thing of the past.

Time & Attendance

Instead of being confined to a back office desktop not knowing what’s happening outside in your business – the Time & Attendance module gives management plenty of freedom. It has a responsive design so it looks great on mobile/tablets and has a boat load of necessary features. Managers can easily tracks hours worked against hours scheduled, correct inaccuracies, or enter missing time, streamline timesheet maintenance, and simplify gross pay calculation, among other benefits. Lastly, when an employee forgets to punch out at the end of their shift, or punches in late for work, the application marks the shift on the timesheet for your review.


Understanding and utilizing available benefits is critical to employee retention and happiness. With DayForce employees can enroll easily for their annual or event-driven benefits as well as have all the coverage details readily accessible. Employees can also view a complete history of any changes made to employee benefits, including the details of the change made and the reason for change

Human Resources

A customized homepage greets employees as they enter the system. Reviews, open enrollment, and other notifications are seen here and pushed as necessary. All employee info is also housed here like compensation, career goals, benefits, documents and more – it is the central hub of DayForce. The org chart can be viewed from the main dashboard so users can see who reports to whom. Lastly, onboarding tasks and rollout can be done via the DayForce system so new hires can get up to speed quickly and have their HR information filled out.

Workforce Management

Dayforce Time & Attendance provides organizations with the tools they need to automate employee time tracking, streamline timesheet maintenance, and automate the calculation of gross pay. Dayforce Absence Management enables organizations to easily calculate employee entitlements with robust configurability, manage time away requests and approvals with self-service capabilities, and track or cascade balances as employees use their accrued time. Take the guesswork out of labor planning and optimize coverage based on operational targets. Empower managers to respond to mid-week changes, and start proactively aligning schedules with budgetary guidelines and anticipated demand. With Dayforce Task Management you can easily create tasks and assign them to specific business units, locations, departments, and employees.


With the Recruiting Management tool in DayForce the submission and review processes are both streamlined and simplified for candidates and employers. Identify staffing needs, create job requisitions, and find and hire best-fit candidates. The Communities feature allows employers to look up current or past candidates ranked by match quality. You can create a candidate submission portal on your company’s Career page styled to incorporate your organization’s branding. All the current and past job recs are visible and navigable. Some processes are automatic – like if a candidate leaves for a new job, the job spec populates with the push of a button. Candidates can even apply using their LinkedIn credentials with single click.

Performance Management

Logging reviews and tracking performance is simple with DayForce. From executives to managers to the general workforce, goals can be created for the whole firm, or on an individual level and track thoroughly. Employees are able to view and participate in their performance management conversations and processes every day, using the same system they access their pay, view their schedules, and other common processes. Employees and managers have access to the tools and information they need to provide consistent, useful coaching and identify personal and career development opportunities.


With Dashboards, employers can view at a glance complex analytics and trending for the entire business. More than 400 predefined views curated by experts across payroll, benefits, workforce management, human resources and talent management. Export any report into a ready-to-present PowerPoint file, too. Using queries and simple logic you can build special views into any area of the business. Be boardroom-ready with critical and timely insight into your workforce.

Document Management

Replace file cabinets and document sharing with cloud-based document storage. Anything related to the employee life cycle can be attached to their account here. Professional certifications, marriage certificates, and more can be attached and routed to the right person for approval. Document search is a breeze and search and navigation functions make it even easier. It also has extremely advance security features so everyone’s data is safe.

Mobile App

Dayforce Mobile gives employees access to Dayforce HCM from their Android and Apple iOS devices. Mobile human capital management empowers organizations to increase employee engagement, streamline workflows, and ensure shift coverage at all times.

Features of Dayforce HCM Mobile App:

  • Schedule Viewer
  • Timecard Viewer
  • Time Away From Work Requests
  • Availability Management
  • View Earnings
  • View And Update Assigned Tasks
  • Attendance Manager
  • Shift trading
  • Benefits enrollment history
  • Current benefits elections
  • Alerts managers to attendance incidents and provides recommended actions as violations occur.

Touch Time Clock

Dayforce Touch provides an intuitive, graphical user experience for capturing employee time and attendance data. Combined with built-in self-service functionality, the tablet-based device is a compelling alternative to traditional punch clocks.

  •     Clock In, Out, Meals, Breaks, Transfers
  •     Enforce California Breaks
  •     Review hours worked
  •     View future scheduled shifts
  •     View entitlement balances
  •     View Schedules
  •     View / Modify Availability
  •     Receive and Send Messages
  •     Request Time Off

DayForce Education

Organizations and employees will need training on DayForce once they go live. DayForce Education provides that through short, easy to understand videos about all parts of the system. Using the DayForce Live tool within the education system you’ll have access to certified experts who can help answer any questions. Using DayForce MyPath you can forge your own way through the training set up and processes.