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At HR Software Solutions we’ve worked on a number of projects implementing and training on SuccessFactors software, an SAP company. Here’s a bit about the solution, using their main website as a resource.

Using SuccessFactors gives you access to talent solutions, core HR processes, collaboration tools, and workforce analytics to produce, measure, and improve your business results via your employees. The software is compatible with not only large organizations, but it is nimble enough to be a solution for small businesses, too, with plenty of room for growth.

Core HR

SuccessFactors Employee Central is a complete, cloud technology-based core HR system that combines HR transactions, processes and data with social collaboration features and mobile functionality. It is standards-based, flexible technology, so you can deploy it in your organization at your pace. It is highly configurable to your business processes and adaptable to changing business needs.

This flexible technology extends to Employee Central Payroll as well. Companies can now manage payroll in house, reducing the burden of maintaining often costly and complex compliance and regulatory system upgrades, and lowering overhead costs associated with running payroll applications.

With the Employee Central Service Center, workers have direct access to a portal for asking questions to their HR department. An easy way to track all FAQs & tickets, while receiving private attention from HR.

The entire library of SAP Best Practices is available for those who purchase the SuccessFactors system so implementation and training can go smoothly.

SuccessFactors Talent Solutions

Talent management is critical to the success of any firm. SuccessFactors Talent Solutions module helps you stay ahead of the competition and growing a team of top employees.

SuccessFactors provides a complete, recruit-to-retire solution across all talent processes, and comprehensive content such as skills and competency libraries, job descriptions, goal catalogs, as well as legal and coaching content.

SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals equips you with the in-depth employee performance information you need to retain, reward, and develop your best people. Its innovative capabilities and intuitive user experience ensure aligned, clear goals and accurate, objective talent assessments.

With SuccessFactors Compensation, you can allocate these funds effectively to retain your top performers and avoid overpaying underachievers. Beyond rewarding great performance, you can also optimize budgets, improve compliance, and reduce manual errors — all leading to better business execution and results.

SuccessFactors Succession & Development helps you identify and develop the talent needed to improve organizational strength and achieve today’s business goals, while providing visibility and planning capabilities to support future growth.

SuccessFactors Learning puts your employees at the center of the learning experience. To improve your competitive advantage and your business outcomes, it’s imperative to instill a culture of learning in your organization. You will improve skills, develop leaders, reduce compliance risks, and more effectively engage your people, all from one powerful, easy-to-use learning management solution.

SuccessFactors Recruiting is an end-to-end talent acquisition solution that enables you to attract and engage top talent, and it helps you select and hire the best-fit candidates.

In addition to a robust set of workflow automation tools, which improve compliance, SuccessFactors Onboarding leverages the SuccessFactors platform to connect the process to all the other talent processes, such as learning (formal and informal), goal setting, recruiting and core HR. Instead of being another isolated HR program, on boarding becomes the center of the talent strategy, empowering new hires to ramp up quickly and contribute to corporate goals sooner.

In addition to the traditional on boarding functionality, such as forms and task management, SuccessFactors Onboarding also provides features that are entirely focused on helping the new hire feel connected and informed from the start. By giving new hires the ability to meet and interact virtually with their peers even before the first day, SuccessFactors improves employee engagement and ultimately, new hire retention.

SuccessFactors Analytics Solutions

As with any strategic initiative, the ability to access, analyze, and report on success or failure is paramount. SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics provides concrete and actionable insights on workforce data to drive your business strategy today and help you plan for the future. More than 2,000 metrics, industry benchmarks, and HR best practices are offered through the analytics module.

You can also benefit from SuccessFactors Workforce Planning, which allows you to conduct sophisticated workforce modeling, create visibility into critical resource gaps, and define HR strategies.


All departments will be pulling towards the same goals with SAP Jam, a module that delivers social collaboration. By adding collaboration to sales, HR, and other processes, you’ll shorten sales cycles, increase customer and employee engagement, and reduce training costs. Avoid disconnected silos of collaboration; instead, deliver a single, secure social foundation across your entire business.

Drive and track the offline work that occurs when exceptions arise or teamwork is required to attack a business-critical issue. Connect and communicate, monitor discussions and system notifications for quick follow-up, and create and share content or video to express ideas. Organize and drive work with business tools and incorporate data for decision making. SAP Jam streamlines key business processes for managers and executives in HR, learning, and knowledge management. Sales teams can use SAP Jam to speed the sales cycle and increase efficiency.

About SuccessFactors, an SAP Company
SuccessFactors HCM Suite helps HR drive business execution with solutions that are complete, beautiful and flexible enough to start anywhere and still go everywhere. SuccessFactors solutions are supported by a global partner ecosystem and the experience and commitment of SAP. SuccessFactors is the leading provider of cloud-based HCM software, which delivers business results through solutions that are complete, beautiful and flexible enough to start anywhere and go everywhere. SuccessFactors’ customers represent organizations of all sizes across more than 60 industries. With approximately 20 million subscribers globally, we strive to delight our customers by delivering innovative solutions, content and analytics, process expertise and best practices insights from across our broad and diverse customer base. Today, we have more than 3,600 customers in more than 177 countries using our application suite in 35 languages.