Although we are compliant with many HRIS systems, at HR Software Solutions we have extensive experience implementing, training on, and managing projects related to the Workday system. Here’s a quick rundown of what we’ve accomplished for clients already:

  • Selected Workday during vendor selection process for clients
  • Provided Project Management on the client side for the duration of Workday projects
  • Responsible for managing the budget and managing the Workday partner resources
  • Coordinated End to End Testing
  • Coordinated User Acceptance Testing
  • Coordinated and provided all user end training
  • Assisted in creating training documents
  • Our resources have participated in Virtual Workday training along with our clients

Why Your Business Should Use Workday HRIS

The Workday HR system has grown in popularity over the past few years, and it is not surprising. Here are a few reasons why Workday has been adopted by some of the biggest companies globally, and is worth a look for your next HRIS changeover.

Customers assist with product development & standardized updates

Workday uses customer suggestions in the development of the product. From structured brainstorm sessions to voting on new capabilities, you have your say in the future of the software. Every customer is updated at the same time and receives the same version.

Simple to use & adopt

Workday works like your favorite consumer website. It offers a simple user experience whether you’re on a desktop, tablet, or a mobile device. Moving to a new release of business software can be a daunting and risky initiative. Work disruption, downtime, cost, and difficult customizations top the list of concerns when upgrading. With Workday, you’re always on the most recent version. As new versions roll out, your data automatically converts to the latest release. And all new capabilities come turned off, so you can adopt them on your own timeline. Lastly, Workday’s unified platform approach eliminates the need for separate application and data integration infrastructure between applications.

Faster than the competition

Single code line and continuous development for Workday lead to a very fast application. With weekly builds and releases, customer requests are handled quickly and efficiently. Workday allows business users to define and manage their own business processes, reporting, integrations, and custom data requirements. And because they don’t have to involve IT in the process, business users can respond to change faster than ever.

Built-in Support

Workday allows you to easily combine structured and unstructured data to get a more complete picture of your business—even if the data is from external sources. This “big data” can be explored to reveal meaningful information that was previously unavailable or too time consuming to uncover.

Every report and analytic is based on who you are and what you are trying to accomplish. With Workday, reports and analytics are simple to build, simple to deploy, and simple to use. The bottom line: actionable analytics improve the productivity of your workforce and enable better, more informed decisions.

Reliable and secure

Security is an important tenet of Workday. They update their security systems frequently and only partner with the most reliable data-center providers. You expect your enterprise applications to be available whenever you need them. As a result, Workday has delivered 99.9% uptime over the past two years – they also minimize planned outages.