COMPOSE by Decusoft


At HR Software Solutions we’ve worked on a number of projects implementing and training on COMPOSE by decusoft – a top compensation management human resources information system (HRIS). Here’s a bit about the software, using their main website as a resource.

COMPOSE is a compensation management software that simplifies variable pay programs including merit, bonus, short-term and long-term incentives. COMPOSE easily integrates with existing financial and human capital management solutions so you can continue using existing systems. The configurable and scalable, web-based compensation management software allows you to strategically use compensation to recruit, retain and incentivize employees while meeting corporate goals and objectives.

Making the complex, simple

COMPOSE core strength is handling complicated incentive plans that involve a variety of different metrics, while providing a great deal of flexibility to address diverse, fluid pay requirements. There are no limits to the number of plans, performance measures, approval structures, business rules, or calculations that can be configured within COMPOSE.

Manage Total Cost of Ownership

Decusoft allows users to maintain as much autonomy as they would like in the administration of COMPOSE. Users are empowered to quickly adapt to change, from simple additions and changes of compensation plans to organizational structure changes.

VIP Customer Service

Decusoft support is a unique combination of know-how and know-you. The professional services development, implementation and support teams are comprised of senior technologists with an average of twenty plus years of experience in the fields of technology, compensation management, and HR practices. Over 60% of the team has tenure of more than seven years with Decusoft. In fact, 40% of the team has worked together for more than 20 years. Talk about personal service – every client has the cell phone numbers of their Decusoft project team members. Decusoft’s VIP-level service is standard, not an upgrade.

Who needs COMPOSE?

You need COMPOSE if…
  • Your compensation plans are unique, complex and challenging
  • You need to quickly react to changes that affect compensation
  • You lack real-time access to compensation data for management and auditing
  • You experience too much pain and suffering during your compensation process
  • You implemented a Talent Management Suite, but still can’t address your compensation requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between COMPOSE and typical out-of-the-box software solutions?

COMPOSE has a standard infrastructure that allows you to configure functionality based on your unique requirements and business processes regardless of complexity. In fact, the software was developed in layers to simplify the configuration process. The core layer can easily be extended to handle client specific business processes. You have all the benefits of a custom solution without any of the upgrade pain. Most software vendors show you how their software works – Decusoft asks you how you want our software to work for you.

How is COMPOSE priced?

Standard pricing is based on the total number of active employees tracked within COMPOSE. You may purchase COMPOSE as a license or on a subscription basis. The solution may be hosted on site, by a third–party or by Decusoft.

How long does it take to implement COMPOSE?

Software implementations are notorious for hidden costs, last minute surprises, costly over runs and long, drawn out implementation schedules. Decusoft tailors your implementation schedule to meet your needs. Although each implementation is unique, our standard software implementation (needs assessment, design, structure, testing, deployment and training) is typically completed in as little as 90 days.

What makes COMPOSE configurable or customizable?

COMPOSE has a standard infrastructure that allows you to configure traditional functionality based on your requirements. The product was developed in layers to simplify the configuration and customization processes. This allows you to define the look–and–feel of your own grids.

Will COMPOSE work with my existing HRIS system?

Absolutely! Because Compose is platform agnostic it can bolt on to any existing ERP, HRIS or payroll system.