Recruiting Services (PEO)

Finding talented employees is the best way to help a business grow, but it is a full time job. Outsource your employee recruiting efforts to a qualified PEO like HR Software Solutions. Poor hiring decisions account for approximately 30 percent of all business failures, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. Recruiting the wrong candidates is expensive – you need to have a strict system to get it right. While your employees know your company well, they may have other job duties distracting them, and may not be experts when it comes to staffing. This problem is particularly common with small businesses, which may not even have a full time employee dedicated to staffing and HR.

At HR Software Solutions we want to save you the time and cost of hiring new employees. From recruiting to on-boarding we can customize our approach to fit your needs. We can assist you in all stages of staffing, and we have the ability to quickly identify top talent for any industry. From resume search to interview coordination, we are a full service firm. We can even follow up with assessments and testing if special skills are needed.

We focus on delivering a very low time-to-hire and only access the most talented individuals. Plus, as our partnership grows and the more we work together, the better understanding we’ll have of your firm and needs so we’ll continue to improve that time-to-hire ratio. Plus, you can’t beat our fees.

Some more scary statistics to consider:

  • The average employee spends 32 hours per year on training
  • It can take 6 months before a new employee reaches full productivity
  • The entire interview process takes an average of 24 days.

You don’t want to do this all yourself! 24 days? That’s insane! Allow HR Software Solutions to be your recruiting partner and take this burden off your business and your shoulders. We can offer guidance and manage the administrative burdens associated with all aspects of the employee life cycle. You retain full control over hiring decisions, we just make those decisions easier for you. You no longer have to waste time on things like the interview process, collecting and reviewing applications, posting job ads or phone screening.

You may receive plenty of responses if you place a job ad online, but you will not necessarily reach the best candidates. Just as the best jobs are often unadvertised, so are the best candidates, and a PEO recruiter can help with that.