HR Outsourcing

At HR Software Solutions we offer comprehensive HR outsourcing services. We’d like to help take the stress out of running your company. More than just a vendor, HR Software Solutions would be an extension of your company because they’re responsible for critical business functions such as payroll, benefits administration and tax filing. Finding a service that is reputable, experienced and professional is crucial.

The premise is pretty simple. Business owners outsource a variety of tasks to an HR vendor such as employee acquisition, payroll processing, performance management, worker’s compensation and employee benefits. These are primarily HR and administrative duties that are often too time consuming for a company to do on its own.

What we could do for you:

Handling payroll in house is risky. Not only are payroll taxes complicated, processing them incorrectly can lead to IRS trouble. Protect yourself by turning this vital function over to HR Software Solutions. We specialize in accuracy and adhering to federal and state laws. You’ll have peace of mind, trusting that professionals handled your payroll taxes properly. Your employees will appreciate error-free payroll runs that are on time and accurate. You’ll have more free time to focus on what matters – making money.

Time card maintenance can be a tedious and confusing process. It is better left to an outside vendor who has the skills and (most importantly) time for these menial tasks. With so many employees forgetting to punch out, and typically no centralized data center, time card maintenance can really bog a small business owner down. Just outsource it to us.

Finding talented employees is the best way to help a business grow, but it is a full time job. Outsource your employee recruiting efforts to a qualified PEO like HR Software Solutions.

  • Human Resources Miscellaneous Tasks
    • Tax Forms
    • Onboarding
    • Promotions
    • Position classification and grading
    • Salary determination
    • Performance appraisal review and processing
    • Awards review and processing
    • Personnel data entry and records maintenance
    • Conduct & Performance Problems
    • Management Advisory Services
    • Work Permitting Immigration Visa Program
    • Policy Development

There are dozens of miscellaneous HR tasks that will loom over a business owner that ignores them, or only touches them once in awhile. Tax forms, employee onboarding, salary, performance reviews, awards, basic data entry and much more will keep an owner under water. Allowing HR Software Solutions to take on these tasks will ensure compliance, save you time and money, and save you a whole lot of headaches.

  • Benefits Administration 
    • Workers’ Compensation
    • Health care insurance
    • Life insurance
    • Disability insurance
    • Retirement
    • Voluntary accidental death and dismemberment insurance
    • Miscellaneous Benefits

Using external service providers to manage your employee benefits can be a wise move because their professionals must follow the most current employment laws, regulations, and standards. Things like workers’ comp, health care, life insurance, retirement, and more should be included in your comprehensive benefits plan. It can be a lot to handle and understand if you have a small or non existent HR department. These items are best left to a PEO for sorting and administrating.

Why outsource?:

  • Fewer administrative responsibilities
  • Reduce costs
  • Lower expenses for Human Resources staff, infrastructure, and technology
  • Receive HR guidance
  • Improved overall global operations through streamlined processes
  • Lower exposure to risk and compliance regulations

Please contact us to discuss custom HR outsourcing services we could provide for you. Whether you’re a small, medium, or large business we can handle your HR needs.