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Keep employees happy by tracking communications and personal details.

Story of the week: Employees Are the Focus of Next-Gen HR Service Technology

Employee experience platforms have created a buzz in the human resources technology industry, but what exactly are these systems, and what new benefits can they deliver? Employee experience platforms are software or online portals that help employees find basic HR information on their own—letting HR provide higher-level service and boosting employees’ perceptions of HR and […]

An HR software solution can help companies stay organized, ensuring they can create accurate job descriptions for future candidates.

Top 10 Benefits of Using Performance Management Software

Guest post by: Linda Ginac, CEO Talentguard Companies are constantly searching for ways to improve efficiencies in operations, from human resources to sales and marketing. In the realm of HR, new strategies for implementing continuous performance management have evolved over the last few years thanks in part to technology advancements. Performance management software is the […]